Answers for the game (Journey of the Crosses)

1Q:  What does “INRI” mean on the incrimination sign on the cross in the church?

1A:  The incriminate card, which reads “INRI” (Latin – short for Iesus Nazaarenus Rex Iudaeorum (J can be replaced by I in Latin, hence the inscription INRI), meaning “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews”

2Q:      What are the characteristics of the Greek cross?

2A:      The four sides of the cross are in equal length.

3Q:  What does the inverted St. Peter’s cross symbolize?

3A:  A symbol of Christian humility. Peter felt that he was not worthy to be crucified in the same way as Jesus.

4Q:      Why did the Apostle St. Andrew requested to be crucified on an X-shaped cross?

4A:  He requested for the charge thought that, it was inappropriate to die on the same instrument as Jesus Christ did.

5Q:  Which religious institutes does the T-shaped cross represented?

5A:  Ordine Francescano.

6Q:  What does the Papal Cross’ three overlapping crosses symbolize?

6A:  It symbolizes the three-fold identity of the Pope, the bishop of the Roman Church, the patriarch of the Western Church, and the successor of Peter, the chief apostle, the Pope.

7Q:  Who are the five figures in the Crocifisso di San Damiano (Figures the are smaller than Jesus )?

7A:  The centurion, St. Mary, the mother of Jacob, St. Mary Magdalene, Saint John and the Virgin Mary.

8Q:   What do the three steps of the Calvary Cross (or Stepped Cross) from top to bottom represent?

8A:  The three steps from top to bottom represent the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity, with Charity as the foundation of the three virtues.

9Q:  What do the four small crosses of the Jerusalem cross symbolize?

9A:  It symbolizes the four gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, and also represents the four directions in which the gospel of Christ spread from Jerusalem.

10Q:    What do the four “V” of the Maltese Cross symbolize?

10A: It symbolizes the four cardinal virtues: Prudence – good judgment, Justice – fairness and justice, Temperance – moderation in everything, and Fortitude – courage to stand up and do the right thing.

11Q: The bottom bar of the Orthodox Church’s Cross represents the stepping wood. Why is the left high and the right low

11A: This represents the pros and cons of the right thief and the left thief when Jesus was crucified. In the records of the New Testament, two thieves were crucified at the same time as Jesus. One of them mocked Jesus and the other humbly asked Jesus to remember him in the future. Jesus’ answered the humble one with “Today you are with me in heaven”.  Both Catholic and Orthodox Church place the repentant thief on Jesus’ right hand and the other on his left, so the stepping wood will form the shape of high left and low right.

12Q:    What does the ring of the Celtic cross mean?

12A: The ring has three meanings: 1. Represents eternity, emphasizing the eternal life of those who receive Christ in the kingdom of heaven; 2. Represents the eternal love of the Father to believers through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross; 3. Represents the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross not just a single event in history, but a constant source of salvation for believers in future generations.

刊登於 19-10-2022